About PAO

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Academy of Ophthalmology is to act as the voice of ophthalmologic medicine in Pennsylvania.

To fulfill this purpose, the PAO works to:

  • foster among our members the provision of their talents, knowledge and skills as medically educated and clinically trained ophthalmologists for the benefit of the public;

  • serve as a patient advocate in promoting preventive eye care, quality medical and surgical care and rehabilitative services for individuals with ophthalmologic diseases;

  • advance the knowledge, science and practice of ophthalmology, to assist in the improvement of the quality of ophthalmologic medicine and training, and to preserve the integrity of the profession of ophthalmology;

  • foster the cooperation of all who are concerned with the medical, social, and economic aspects of ophthalmology in Pennsylvania;

  • support local professional organizations; coordinate with regional and other state organizations and represent the views and wishes of our membership;

  • participate in the development and implementation of laws and regulations affecting the practice of ophthalmology and the delivery of quality medical eye care to the public.



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What is an Ophthalmologist?

Only an Ophthalmologist – an eye physician and surgeon – is qualified to provide the full range of eye care, from treating eye diseases with medicine to performing eye surgery to prescribing eyeglasses to correct vision. To learn more about your eye care providers, go to www.geteyesmart.org .