How Do I Join?

Review membership benefits, print this page for reference and access the online membership application.

  1. Select the type of membership you qualify for:

    1. Active - Any qualified physician (MD or DO):

      1. who holds full and unrestricted license to practice in Pennsylvania;

      2. whose residence or primary practice is in Pennsylvania;

      3. and whose practice has been limited to ophthalmology for at least two years from the completion of residency or fellowship. An active member is eligible to vote and hold office.

    2. Active Military - Physicians who are otherwise qualified for Active or Associate membership but, due to active service in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, are practicing in Pennsylvania while licensed in another state or are licensed in Pennsylvania while practicing in another state.

    3. Part-time - Physicians who have been a member of an AAO approved state ophthalmological society for at least 20 years, who have reached the age of 60, and are working less than 20 hours per week. Eligibility must be applied for and approved by the Executive Council.

    4. Out-of-State - Physicians who otherwise qualify for Active or Associate membership whose residence and primary practice is outside Pennsylvania.

    5. Member-in-Training - Physicians licensed to practice in Pennsylvania who are engaged in their residency or fellowship in ophthalmology.

  2. Enter your personal information exactly as you want it to appear on your PAO records and files. This will be used for all PAO correspondences.

  3. Complete Training Information.

  4. Complete Licensing and Certification Information.

  5. If you are applying for the Member-in-Training category, complete Training Verification Information section. Verification of the training program must be forwarded to our office. Forward a copy of your official letter of acceptance (begin and end dates must be included in the letter) to: PAO, 777 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17111. We will hold your membership application request until we receive the necessary documentation.

  6. Online applications require payment with a credit card. If you prefer to submit your application by check, you will need to print the downloadable copy and forward this to our office.

Once the PAO's Membership Secretary has verified the application, a new member packet will be forwarded to you within a few weeks. This information will confirm your status as a Pending member. You will begin to receive all the benefits of membership upon verification of your application.

Final membership approval is subject to the recommendation of the Executive Committee. Following your official election, a membership certificate will be mailed.

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