Our Leadership

2015-2016 Board of Directors

Joanna M. Fisher, MD
Secretary, Public & Prof Information
David M. Armesto, MD, FACS
President Elect
Robert L. Bergren, MD
Secretary, Membership
Sonia Mehta, MD
Immediate Past President
Drew J. Stoken, MD, FACS
Secretary, Instruction
Edward H. Bedrossian, Jr., MD, FACS
Gautam Mishra, MD
Secretary, Public Health
David I. Silbert, MD

Chair, Bylaws And Rules Committee
Michael J. Azar, MD

Secretary, Legislation & Representation
Kenneth P. Cheng, MD

AAO Councilor
David M. Armesto, MD, FACS
James B. Dickey, MD
Joanna M. Fisher, MD

Chair, Nominating Committee                
Roger P. Zelt, MD, FACX 

​AAO Alternate Councilor
David I. Silbert, MD
Sharon L. Taylor, MD, FACS
Co-Secretaries,Medical Practice
& Payment System

Robert L. Bergren, MD
James B. Dickey, MD

Member At Large
Scott Goldstein, MD
Francis J. Manning, MD
David S.C. Pao, MD
PA Ophthalmology PAC
Mark C. Maria, MD
Emeritus, Bylaws and Rules Committee
Thomas B. Souders, MD
Emeritus Secretary, Legislation and Representation
Joseph W. Sassani, MD


Executive Director
Jennifer A. Keeler
Government Relations/Lobbyists
John P. Milliron, Esq.
Andrew Goodman, MBA

2015-2016 Liaison Representatives

Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee Representative
David I. Silbert, MD
Drew J. Stoken, MD, FACS

​Representative to PA Medical Society Specialty Leadership Cabinet
David I. Silbert, MD

PA Medical Society Surgical Specialty Trustee
Joseph W. Sassani, MD


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What is an Ophthalmologist?

Only an Ophthalmologist – an eye physician and surgeon – is qualified to provide the full range of eye care, from treating eye diseases with medicine to performing eye surgery to prescribing eyeglasses to correct vision. To learn more about your eye care providers, go to www.geteyesmart.org .