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2017-2018 Legislative Update

This year an unprecedented number of optometric surgical scope battles are occurring across the country.  So far this year, bills that would allow optometric surgery have already been introduced in Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Carolina.  An additional 12 states are under "High Alert."  An optometric surgery bill is expected in California again this year.  An optometric surgery bill is about to be introduced in Pennsylvania. 

Optometry is actively recruiting Senate sponsors for an optometric scope expansion bill.  We contacted you two weeks ago about calling your senator to ask them to co-sponsor Senator Argall and Alloway's Definition of Ophthalmic Surgery bill which opposes optometric surgery.  Unfortunately, very few of you have made those phone calls!   We are playing catch up now!

With everything that is going on around the country right now, the optometrists will be very aggressive in their quest to perform eye surgery here in Pennsylvania.  We must stand together now and act to protect patient safety.  You must make the call to your senator and ask them to co-sponsor Senator Argall and Alloway's Definition of Ophthalmic Surgery.  You can find your Senator's phone number here.   Then email us to let us know that you have made the call. 

Real Surgical Patients Explain Why Only Ophthalmologists Should Perform Eye Surgery

Your eyesight is precious. That is why, when faced with the need for eye surgery, patients want the highest trained, most experienced people operating on their eyes. Only ophthalmologists complete four years of undergraduate studies, four years of medical school, one year of internship, three years of ophthalmology residency, and often pursue post-residency fellowships. They perform thousands of surgeries under the guidance of experienced surgeons before they are allowed to independently operate. When it comes to the eye surgery, citizens of Pennsylvania trust OPHTHALMOLOGISTS


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What is an Ophthalmologist?

Only an Ophthalmologist – an eye physician and surgeon – is qualified to provide the full range of eye care, from treating eye diseases with medicine to performing eye surgery to prescribing eyeglasses to correct vision. To learn more about your eye care providers, go to .